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True or False Game Cheats

True of False Game

True or False – Test Your Wits!
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Decide whether the statements are true or false. But think fast, it’s against the clock! Astounding facts on a whole range of topics. Try out your general knowledge and test your wits! But watch out, tricky false statements are mixed in with true facts.

True or False Cheats

Enter 1 or 2 words from the game question, we will search the correct answer for you.

The Tyrannosaurus rex was a carnivore.


A referee once gave out 36 red cards during one soccer match.


The Paraguayan goalkeeper Chilavert has scored 5,340 goals in his professional career.


Reason : He has "only" scored 62 goals.

In soccer, a red card means a player has to leave the pitch.


The caddy is the person who carries a player's bag or clubs.


There are 1240 cards in a standard deck of cards.


Reason : There are 52 cards in a deck.

There are more than two million possible card combinations in poker.


The blue ace is the highest card in poker.


Reason : The ace is the highest card in poker, but there isn't a blue one.

Carpaccio is a Serbian martial art.


Reason : Carpaccio is an appetizer made of raw beef.

Christina Aguilera launched her singing career with the song "What a Girl Wants".


Reason : Christina Aguilera launched her singing career with the song "Genie in a Bottle".
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